Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coming up: Copenhagen spring 2009

If you are not in a hurry, taking a boat to Copenhagen is the best way to get there. You may enjoy a night in comfort on board a large ferry, eat a good dinner, take a few drinks in the bar before going to bed. Then you wake up the next morning, ready to explore all what the Danish capital has to offer. I look forward to the experience the coming week, and the week after, I will do the same trip again!!

It is a year ago since I took this trip. Then as now, I am not doing this for pleasure, but business. I am attending a conference on Security with lectures the whole first day, when anchored up in Oslo, then a whole day in Copenhagen is followed by another round of lectures the coming evening. It is a learning, networking experience attended by professionals from different fields.

An important part of the experience is the social contact. Two good three course dinners are included in the price with wine. I will describe what we ate and drank. Lunch in Copenhagen is also included, and I hope we get a Danish treat.

Then the week after, I will cross the Kattegat again. This time I will travel with my sister, and we will stay in a economy class cabin.

This was a real bargain at just NOK 198 or 23 Euro for a roundtrip ticket. I have traveled economy earlier, and this will be a completely different experience, but you cannot expect more, when traveling at this price.

I will certainly describe the dining experience for you and also the cabin in which I stay.

So stay tuned here on Enjoy Food & Travel for another Copenhagen experience. I hope you are not bored.

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