Monday, March 31, 2008

Why are we waiting.......?

I am happy to say that I have very little experience with poor service. Once we threatened to leave a restaurant in Brussels after waiting for a whole hour for our food to arrive. Last year I was served lamb after ordering duck at the Chinese-Thai restaurant Bippat Sentrum in Oslo, and the waitress persistently claimed that I had ordered lamb and pointed on her note to prove it. We could not prove it, as she had written our order in Chinese. During Easter I could note another appalling example of bad service. A word of advise - stay away from Vagabondos in Vesterbrogade. You are left waiting an hour for an exceptionally bad meal.

The word vagabond means:
  • a (generally impoverished) itinerant person. Such people may be called tramps, rogues, or hobos. A vagabond is characterized by traveling, lacking a fixed home, abode, or residence. Vagabonds are not bums, as bums are not known for traveling. (wikipedia)
Rarely has a name of a restaurant been more appropriate as we were lured within its walls. Even a traveling bum would have disapproved. Little did we know this as we sat down and we ordered our meals.

I ordered a pint of beer, a starter - mushrooms in a tomato sauce and a pizza with pepperoni. Beer came pronto, and the starter after a short while. It was bland and boring. After devouring the mediocre starter I waited patiently for the pizza, knowing that baking a pizza hardly is a challenge for anyone.

I have no idea what happened, except that drinking beer on an empty stomach made me a little tipsy, and the hunger started to affect my mood. I am, with a few exception, a peace loving restaurant guest. However - after half an hour, I started to get very grumpy, and I reminded the waitress that I was getting impatient.

The other guests got their food, and disapproved clearly. One had ordered lasagna, and discovered that there was no bechamel sauce. He sent the lasagna back to the kitchen with an order that lasagna has white sauce. The plate returned with some double cream on top.

It started to dawn on me that this restaurant visit was a big mistake well into the second half hour. I went to the kitchen and asked politely, and firmly, whether the pizza had to be flown in from Naples. Point taken, but no pizza. 60 minutes. I declared my anger by announcing my departure.

At this point the staff should have excused the appalling service to me as a guest. No such luck. They were however frightened that anyone else would discover my irritation and insisted that I should leave, after paying for one starter and one beer.

I had to pay up, but I sincerely claim that any distressed guests should not have to pay for such a service or rather - lack of it. I left after having paid DKK 100 for a starter and a beer, and ended up at Viggo in Værnedamsvej enjoying an excellent soup made from real tomatoes.

So Ye Be Warned - ladies and gentlemen! If you are up for a bad experience - go to Vagabondos. If not - find another place to eat. May I recommend Café André Citroën and Madam Ludbas (to be reviewed)

Stay away from:
Vesterbrogade 70
1620 København V

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