Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An urban weekends dining

Living in a big city has many advantages. Dining the world is one of them, tasting American, Asian, Italian and Continental dining after your own choice. This weekend (including yesterday) was a typical example of Urban dining, and all restaurants served great food. Would I return to any of them? Yes indeed. I have visited all of them before.

Fried fat finger food at TGI Fridays

I had known the TGI Fridays brand from the US long before it conquered Oslo. If I want seriously trashy food, I choose to go to one of its three restaurants in the Norwegian capital.

I took my nephew Knut to lunch Saturday in pure gluttony, just to eat fried fat finger food. I wanted to eat two or more of these highly unhealthy treats, and Knut agreed.

Three servings, one Jack Daniels marinated chicken strips with sesame served with Jack Daniels sauce, one jalapeño poppers with sour cream and fried mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. Yum, yum!

I closed my eyes and found myself in the TGI restaurant in Back Bay in Boston. Seriously unhealthy and absolutely fab!

Status: Have been there before, and will return again. Recommended for these treats, but you are easily bored if you eat too much of the other food.

Follow up on Enjoy Food & Travel: Will eat their junk food again. Not a recommended choice for tourists - find other and more interesting restaurants in the Norwegian capital. There will no review of TGI Fridays here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

Fridays in Oslo:

Karl Johans gate 35, Oslo
Phone +47 22 33 32 00
Official website

Stranden 39, Oslo
Phone +47 24 13 31 00

Klingenberggata 5, Oslo
+47 22 83 20 82

Read more on the Jack Daniels brand and how to use Tennessee whiskey in food

Delicious on Bangkok Thai
It is a very long time since I had been dining on Bangkok Thai. Suggestion from my pal Ketil to choose Thai food for Sunday dinner meant revisiting Bangkok Thai.

That was an extremely good idea. As I was supposed to enjoy another meal later, I chose the most delicious chicken soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, and ginger. The taste was out of this world, but as I tried to eat some of the bits and pieces, I found that they were inedible. With that taste, however, it was irrelevant.

Then I picked another entree, deep fried tiger prawns. I said tiger prawns, and not deep fried broccoli, but in fact I got two large bites of the green stiff, and three prawns with a delicious sweet dipping sauce.

The prawns were extremely edible nibbles, the broccoli had too much batter making them a little soggy and very rich. All in all, very satisfying food.

Status: Have been there before, and will return. Highly recommended, low prices, excellent service and good food.

Follow up on Enjoy Food & Travel: Enjoy Food & Travel will return to give an official review on Bangkok Thai.

Bangkok Thai
Grønlandsleiret 27, 0190 Oslo
Phone +47 22 17 70 03

More on Thai cuisine?

Read Susanne Kochs experience on The Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts

Italian Antipasti at Kampen bistro

As my sister arrived we decided to eat at Kampen bistro, just around the corner. I have dined there several times, and it has always been a great experience.

We decided to share Antipasti price NOK 120 (€15), and a cheese platter priced at NOK 150 (€19).

The antipasti was Italian sausage, prosciutto, salad, vegetables, olives, aïoli, and other ingredients available that day. That evening fresh prawns were added to the antipasti.

The antipasti was excellent for the two of us, eager to eat to have have a good time.

As the cheese was served, I was a little disappointed to be honest.

Described as "matured cheese from Italy, France, and Norway" I had had not expected the pieces to be so small. This is definitely a treat for one, whereas the antipasti had enough food to keep you happy.

Status: Have been there before, and will return. Highly recommended, average prices, good service and excellent food.

Follow up on Enjoy Food & Travel: Enjoy Food & Travel will return to give an official review on Kampen bistro.

Kampen Bistro
Bøgata 21, 0655 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 19 77 08
Official website

Sicilian Pizza at San Lorenzo

I was treated to a meal at San Lorenzo Tuesday. This is also a restaurant I have eaten before. The menu is restricted to antipasti, pizzas, pasta and dolce. Reasonable prices, and they serve excellent brick oven pizzas. The menu is small, without any meat or fish under offer

I enjoyed a Pizza Etna, named after the famous Sicilian volcano topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, salsiccia, eggplant, sliced Parmesan and chili. Thin and crispy, delicious salsiccia with MUCH garlic, thin slices of aubergine and fiery chili explaining the reference to Etna.

Great stuff at a nice price of NOK 135 (€18)

Status: Have been there before, and will return again. Recommended, especially for lunch.

Follow up on Enjoy Food & Travel: Will eat there again. The restricted menu means, however, that San Lorenzo will not be given a full review on Enjoy Food & Travel.

San Lorenzo
Haakon VII gate 10, 0161 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 83 66 00
Official website

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