Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank God It's Friday - Duck!

Yesterday I had dinner guests and I served my favourite - roast duck. I towered the duck slices up in this impressive presentation. Swiss rösti-potatoes as a base of it all, topped with deliciously pink duck lined with tasty crispy skin. Then I stacked up oven baked asparagus tops making it all into a tent shape. Then I poured a delicious creamed mushroom stew on top. De-li-ci-ous!!

I have already told you how to prepare the ultimate duck breast, so I will not go into detail on how I prepared this. I did however enjoy some other interesting things yesterday evening and we tasted two very good red wines.

Sturgeon terrine with seaweed from Bretagne

I bought the little glass of sturgeon terrine at Caviar House & Prunier at Copenhagen airport when visiting the Danish capital with my pal Ketil a month ago. This is as close I will come to real caviar, as most species of sturgeon are under threat, especially those harvested for their caviar.

At least this terrine comes from a different species than the one currently exploited for their roe. It is made from Siberian sturgeon (acipenser baerii) (62,5 %), seaweed from Bretagne (10%), the rest is bread, olive oil and salt.

It is manufactured by the French firm Sturia that specialize in products made from farmed sturgeon including a special range of caviar. The terrine had nice chunks of fish with a meaty texture, but it tasted definitely fish, enhanced by what I think was the seaweed. It was delicious, but it is difficult to describe the taste.

And how to serve it. I served it on Ciappe, an Italian specialty, wheat crackers made with 15% olive oil and chives.

A lazy chocolate mousse

Fridays you are in for easy solutions, particularly desserts. Yesterday I bought this extravagantly expensive cups of chocolate filled up with chocolate mousse and a rhipsalis berry strategically located on top.

Price - NOK 70 (€10) for two!!!

Chocolate mousse is extremely easy to make, but you make a lot of mess! I gave in to this mess less temptation, in spite of the scandalous price. And it was wicked!!

Domaine André Brunel Cuvée Sommelongue 2006

This Côtes du Rhône is produced from grapes from the vineyard Sommelongue, north of the cities Châteauneuf-Du-Pape and Orange. It is a blend of 85% grenache and 15% syrah and mourvèdre grapes.

It is a relatively expensive wine (NOK 140 / € 17,50), but it is absolutely worth its a price. A wonderful ruby colour, aromas of blackberries and crow berries, thyme, and heather.

Castro Bergidum Mencia 2006

This red wine is made from 100% mencia grapes, and originates from El Bierzo, a region in the Léon province in north western Spain.

It was a good wine, but did not match the level of the Côtes de Rhône. Dark red colour, aromas of red berries and spices with hints of licorice and balsam.

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