Monday, March 24, 2008

Sterling - a Danish budget airline

We had booked a round trip ticket from Oslo to Copenhagen with Sterling, the Danish budget air carrier, leaving Oslo 7.15 AM Wednesday 19th, returning Sunday March 23rd 3.15 PM. Low price, good punctuality, but you travel in discomfort. This is what you get by choosing Sterling.

Punctuality: BBBBB

Leaving at 7.15 AM means that you will be up by dawn, getting out to the airport, and as you arrive the only thing you want is to leave on time for your destination. I am glad to say that both check-in, boarding and departure from Oslo were smooth. Same experience on our way back, leaving Copenhagen 3.15 sharp and arriving Oslo airport on time.

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Price: BBBB

We paid a low fare of around € 65 for a round trip, all included. A strong price and you get much for your money. This good score is due to the low duration of the trip, as muck lacked in flight comfort.

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Comfort: BB+

I was very happy that I was not out for a long trip, as flying with Sterling was an agonizing experience. The seats looked wider than they were, and both knees were firmly planted in the back of the seat in front of me. The lack of leg space meant that the kid in the seat behind me, managed to kick me in the back twice. Fun for him, not me!

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Food & wine: N/A

Food and wine was not included in the price. We had a decent breakfast before we left and were to enjoy a great brunch at Stella's in Copenhagen. No food - no rating!

Rating the Sterling experience: BBBB-

Sterling offered a good price for our round trip ticked to Copenhagen. If you may travel out of season and on weekdays you may get equally good prices elsewhere, but Sterling does not necessarily offer good prices when most of us may travel. Good punctuality, but I am very happy that I was on board for an hour, as Sterling does not offer much flight comfort.

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