Monday, March 03, 2008

Shebeen - Fire Brødre reincarnated

As our favourite tavern Fire brødre closed October 2007, it left me and my drinking buddy Ketil homeless. In my article October 21st we asked for your help. To find another place to enjoy our Sunday pints. We have, since then, roamed the city restlessly to find a new regular pub. We have had a few pints at Welhavens Café, not far from The Royal Palace, but we have not found the perfect place to call our own. Then we found Shebeen, and a story with a twist.

I have always wished to have a genuine Irish pub close to where I live. Ketil and I decided, after a Thai meal to check out a new Irish pub in Gamlebyen.

There had been an Irish tavern called Slainté, there before, but Shebeen had opened just two weeks ago. It was 4.30 PM, and we were the only one there.

We ordered two pints of Kilkenny and sat down. We felt immediately at ease, and as I watched the tables and chairs - it suddenly dawned on me. It just had to be the furniture from our old tavern, the dark patinated tables and Windsor chairs, the red leather sofas.

I went to the counter and asked where the tables and chairs came from and the landlord confirmed indeed that they were our chairs and tables fro, Fire Brødre. The landlord told me that even our good friend Fred, from Fire Brødre, worked here during Friday and Saturday night.

Ketil and I decided that this was definitely a sign. We could seek refuge by our old tables, resting on the sofas we have been sitting on for the last 15 years. Shebeen is Fire Brødre reincarnated!!

A new home, at last!!!

Schweigaards Gate 53, 0191 Oslo

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