Monday, March 24, 2008

Revisiting Hotel Sct. Thomas

It is not often you are staying in the same hotel 4 weeks apart. I stayed at Hotel Sct. Thomas in February, and I did not like it then. Returning to Copenhagen I asked myself whether I would change my mind and get a more favorable opinion on the hotel.

The good thing this Easter was that we were traveling as a group and could get their opinion as well. This may give you a correction on the hotel. Their opinion did, however not deviate much from mine. Shortly - Hotel Sct. Thomas is cheap, but its price reflects the general price level for a hotel in Copenhagen. The Danish capital is an expensive place to stay. As a comparison, I paid a little more for a luxury experience at Hotel Park Inn Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Here are a few highlights from Hotel Sct. Thomas:

  • I stayed in my old room, 101, located just over the main entrance. I woke up every time someone came in. The room was still extremely small, and I used every logistic skill to get comfortably organized.
  • You were given your own key, as the reception close at 9 PM, meaning there are no staff in charge in the hotel during the night. I do not know what would happen in an emergency e.g. during a fire, but leaving the guests to fend for themselves in such a situation is highly irresponsible.
  • I found the electrical wiring looked old and suspicious.
  • Three of us decided to share a family room with three beds. They got only one key to share among them leaving them with little flexibility. As one wanted to party through the night and the two others went back early that meant that one had to go down to main entrance to lock the happy camper in as he returned.
  • Two of fellow travelers experienced that the door opened into the tiny bathroom, making it extremely difficult for them to get in and out.
So sadly, I cannot say that I have changed my opinion on the hotel. DKK 595 is expensive, but this is what you get in Copenhagen.

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