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Old and new taverns of Oslo

Oslo is an old city. For 1000 years people has lived in the Norwegian capital. Still there are only a few taverns of some age in Oslo. The oldest,
Café Engebret, was founded by Engebret Christoffersen in 1857 in an old 18th century building in Kvadraturen, the city's oldest area. This is a place for those of you with a good budget, but there are a few places where you can eat and drink much cheaper, and some of them has a great atmosphere.

Fru Burums

This is a great place to take a pint, as Fru Burums has no kitchen. This is, however, no problem. As Fru Burums is located in the wealthy Frogner area of the Norwegian capital, you will find many high quality restaurants nearby.

Fru Burums is a remarkable tavern, as here you are seated in the Middle Ages. This as the owner has bought the interior or interiors from old English buildings, as this pulpit from a church dating back to the Middle Ages, now built into the bar counter.


Fru Burums
Skovveien 3, Oslo
Phone: +47 22 24 80 70

A nice place to eat nearby? Try Martha Mettlig, a great French / modern European restaurant five minutes away.


Asylet is located in an early 19th century building at Grønland, on the East End of Oslo. This area used to be a predominantly working class area.

You visit Asylet to drink. The menu at Asylet, does not offer good value for money. I regard the quality of the kitchen as one of its largest drawbacks, as Asylet has tons of atmosphere.

The old building and its yard (see top) is a pearl. During winter you can get a table in front of this old fireplace, and the rooms you sit in are ancient. So, if Asylet focused on the quality of their food, it would be one of the most attractive places to eat and drink in the Norwegian capital.

Grønland 28, 0188 Oslo
Phone +47 22 17 09 39

A nice place to eat nearby? Try Olympen five minutes away.

From Newcaste upon Tyne to Oslo - Two Dogs

Somebody told me that the interior of The Public House Two dogs used to belong to a pub in Newcastle upon Tyne. Whether true or not, it is one of the most genuine British pubs to be found in Oslo.

Located in Brugata, in the very heart of Oslo, five minutes away from Oslo City and the Central Station, it is perfect for a break during your shopping. Do not expect to get Fish'n Chips or Steak & Kidney pie, though. Only liquid lunch served here.

Two Dogs Public House
Brugata 5
0134 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 17 12 15

A nice place to eat nearby? Try Rice Bowl, a great Thai restaurant, only minutes away.

Stortorvet Gjestgiveri

Stortorvet Gjestgiveri is located in a house where there has been some kind of restaurant for 300 years. Stortorvets Gjestgiveri is probably one of the most charming places to enjoy a good beer.

I have tried their food, and I am sorry to say that it is rather mediochre. Once again it is sad to say that atmosphere you find in this beautiful old house is not strengthened by its kitchen. So, once again, enjoy a beer or wine in the old interior or the beautiful courtyard, and eat somewhere else.

Stortorvets Gjestgiveri

Grensen 1, 0159 Oslo
Phone: + 47 23 35 63 60
Telefax: + 47 23 35 63 63
See the official website here
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A nice place to eat nearby? Try tapas at Café Tenerife at Youngstorget.

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