Friday, March 14, 2008

Lidl gives up Norway!

Norwegian newsmedia report today that the Germain grocery chain Lidl gives up Norway and sells their 100+ shops to Odd Reitan, the founder of the chain REMA1000. One reason was that the Norwegian consumers never got used to the new brands Lidl introduced, except the many immigrants that supported the giant through thick and thin.

The collapse of Lidl in Norway is however an omen to the consumer, as it marks the return to a domestic food market controlled by a small number of tycoons. They have fought Lidl from day one with all kind of dirty tricks. And the looser here is the consumer, as the competition gets less, the range of products gets smaller and price is the only thing that matters. In that sense, I will miss Lidl, as they offered different products as an alternative to boring Norwegian brands.

To be completely frank, I do not care who gets my money. Norwegian tycoons as Odd Reitan, Stein Ivar Hagen or other like them are as good or as bad as German tycoons, but they won.

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