Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter in Copenhagen

During Easter in Norway, people desert the city, and travel to their cabins, or abroad for their vacation. This Easter one of my alternatives would have been to head south to our old house by the South Eastern coast. It has been an extraordinarily mild winter and some spring flowers will certainly be in bloom now. The
Snowdrops, and Coltsfoots have already started to bloom in the Oslo area.

This was the original plan, before friends asked me to join them on an Easter vacation in Copenhagen, and I accepted. Until June this year I will have visited the Danish capital three times, but I still feel the same thing for Copenhagen that Samuel Johnson felt for London when he said; The man that is tired of London is tired of life.

Some facts. I will fly down with the Danish budget airline Sterling Wednesday 19th and return Sunday 23rd. The round trip ticket was cheap - €70, all included.

Once there, I will revisit Sct. Thomas Hotel in Fredriksberg, where I have booked a single room for around €75 a night.

What sights have I planned to see this time? I would love to see the Rosenborg castle, built by the Renaissance king Christian IV in 1606 and the home of the Danish crown jewels. Another treat is the Danish National Museum.

Where to eat? I would love to visit Skindbuksen, the 300 year old tavern by Kongens Nytorv and Sct Anne, a good place for Danish open sandwiches at Nyhavn. Another great alternative is Le Pavé at Gråbrødretorg. We are, however visiting two living in Copenhagen so they might have a better idea.

And since we all are of cheerful lot, we may end up on a gay night out. Danes are so wonderfully liberal!!

So stay tuned for stories from Copenhagen starting here at March 25th 2008.

Have a lovely Easter vacation.

What are doing during you Easter vacation?

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