Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stuffed at Café André Citroën

First dinner in Fredriksberg. We had passed Café André Citroën on our way to Copenhagen city centre and was tempted by their menu of the day. We decided to go there for dinner. As we returned that same day, we experienced a fabulous but very large meal. We were, frankly, completely stuffed.

Location: BBBB

Located in Vesterbrogade in Fredriksberg, a busy city street leading into Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen, within a half an hour walk for any living in Central Copenhagen.

Interior design and atmosphere: BBBB+

An interior with definitely a French feel to it. Walls in light colours, dark floors, oblong minimalistic lamps, furniture in dark wood.

Nothing at the table, neither glass, nor china, a naked and stripped down interior. Not the warm cozy haven for two tourist coming in from the rain.

Well seated, though. Sofas in dark leather and wooden chairs.

Price level: BBBBB

Two dry Martinis, shaken - not stirred, two entrees, two main dishes, one bottle of red wine and two bitters. Price: DKK770, a little under €100, and it was definitely worth the price.

Service: BBBBB

Great staff! Informal and efficient. A social experience as our waitress took very well care of us. It is always nice to see someone that genuinely enjoys their job, and she did.

Efficient. Drinks, food and wine arrived at our table within an acceptable time.


They had a recommended menu of the day. Creamy Jerusalem Artichoke soup and lamb shanks with rice, baked vegetables and a reduction made from dark Erdinger beer.

The food was truly amazing, the only problem was - it was too much of it!

I love Jerusalem artichoke and the soup was cooked to perfection, the pleasant sweetness of the Artichoke well balanced with salt and finished with cream, crunchy croutons and herb oil. The portion was extremely large, so there is something for the restaurant to consider. Ordering two dishes, serve less soup!

The lamb shank was an equally substantial portion. One large piece of meat, much rice, but all extremely tasty.

The lamb was lightly salted, cooked so tender that eating it offered no effort at all. The rice and vegetables was seasoned well enough no to offer too much competition to the flavour of the meat.

The Erdinger reduction was perfect. Using dark beer is a great idea. The sweetness and the richness complements the meat perfectly, as here at Café André Citroën

The wine of the house was a Monterosso Sangiovese Osco 2006, produced in the Osco region in Molise in South Western Italy.

It is made from the Sangiovese grape, important to the wine production in Chianti in Tuscany, recommended for pasta, poultry, pork and grilled meats.

In spite of being Italian, this wine, had a richness matching the strong flavour of the lamb. Wonderful red colour, nose of cherries and plums, and rich aromas of red fruits, soft tannins and oak. This as part of the wine has been aged in French or American oak barrels.

A perfect match.

Rating the Café André Citroën experience: BBBBB- (4,66 points)

Cold interior, warm staff, and excellent food at a very nice price. Huge portions!


Café André Citroën
Vesterbrogade 58
1620 København V
Phone: 33 23 62 82
Fax: 33 23 55 95

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