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Shopping in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a great place to shop, but be aware that you may pay much for the exclusive Scandinavian design you are looking for. Most of the tourists are trapped in Strøget, the famous pedestrian precinct stretching from Kongens Nytorv to Rådhuspladsen. Let me take you through what you may find on your way here.

Magasin du Nord

Magasin du Nord is the old department store by Kongens Nytorv. Standing outside, you get some of the same feeling as you get standing in front of Harrods in Knightsbridge, in a different scale than in London, of course.

Magasin du Nord offers the latest in Scandinavian and International trend & fashion in clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, and has a great food & wine department.

It's Gucci, sweetie - darling!

In the area around Magasin du Nord you find places that seriously will make your credit card scream. As Gucci in Østergade 46, for example. An hours shopping here, will set you back thousands of Danish kroner.

In Østregade 16, you find Louis Vuitton, a total rip-off for those in quest of a new bag.

That does not mean that there are only expensive places to shop in lower part of Strøget. In Østregade, close to Kongens Nytorv there is a shop selling shoes, where you can get the smartest Italian shoes at a very low price.

Amber - the Danish Jewel

Amber is the Danish jewel. Along the miles of beautiful beaches, you find these lumps of resin, millions of years old trapping ancient lives as small leaves and insects.

Along Strøget you find a great number of shops selling amber in all shapes, sizes, and prices. I bought an amber pendant for DKK 350 (€45) at the House of Amber. A good idea as a gift for your girlfriend.

Coffee at Illum

Illum is the second large department store in Copenhagen. It covers a whole block, between Østergade and Silkegade. This is a marble palace where you can get all you may desire. All in designer clothes, furnitures, lamps, and of course food. There is one thing I love to do, while being at Illums. That is to sit down in the café facing Østergade, ordering coffee and a Danish pastry. Then just sit there, in pure Danish interior design, and watch people walk by.

Above is a small film clip from one of the large atriums at Illums. Enjoy!


Open Sandwiches is the ultimate Danish treat. If you are there, remember to find a place that serves these specialties.

I was intrigued by the shops that sells these to take home with you. Here you see a tray with fried plaice fillets served with sauce remoulade.


In the streets around Amagertorv, you find many exclusive shops selling antoque forniture, china, and paintings. As this shop, Carré of Copenhagen, found in Lederstræde, not far from Christiansborg Palace.

A good idea, is to buy pieces of old silver tableware, on display in another of the shops I saw in Lederstræde.

Antiques is, however, expensive to buy, but it is intriguing to take home a piece of Danish history as a memory of your stay in the Danish capital.

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