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Sct. Thomas Hotel, Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an expensive place to rent a hotel room. I found out as much, as I tried to book a room via the Internet. It has prices comparable to Paris and London, and much less to choose from. Either you pay much for standard, or you stay in one of the hotels that offers moderately priced rooms. We did the latter. An acquaintance of mine recommended Hotel Sct Thomas, a two star hotel in Fredriksberg. Looking back now, I think I would have preferred to pay more for a room in a better hotel.

Location: BBBBB

Hotel Sct Thomas is located in the borough of Fredriksberg. Here you are close to all Copenhagen has to offer. Have a 10-15 minute walk down Vesterbrogade and you are in the heart of the Danish capital.

Fredriksberg has much to offer in itself. You find many good restaurants and cozy bars in the area. In fact we had a few very good meals there, and afterwards we could just walk back to the hotel, or slip into a nice bar on our way.

Service: BBB+

This was a hotel to stay in, nothing more, nothing less. There was no 24 hour open reception. You were given a key, and you had to fend for yourself.

You had to vacate the hotel by 10 AM, horrendously early, if you ask me. We did, however manage to extend that time to 11 AM.

One day we left our room a little late, and asked for the rooms to be cleaned - no such luck. No service after noon.

I even doubt that the service deserves this score, it feels too high.

Hygiene: BBBB+

Decent hygiene in the rooms, the reception area, breakfast room, and in the lounge.

Room: BBB+

The smallest room you could think of. I know I had booked a single room, but this was seriously tiny.

Decor - uninspiring, boring. Wall to wall carpeting on the floors that felt a little dirty after a few days stay. White textile wallpaper, one very strange picture on the walls.

The door to the corridor did not close properly. The isolation between the rooms and to the corridor lacked, meaning that you heard everything that took place nearby.

The room was so small that even your suitcase took up too much space. There were one small closet, but I decided to place my suitcase in front of it and use this during my stay.

The bathroom had been built into the room. It was nicely tiled. However - there were no space to place your things, as they had not bothered to fill up the soap dispenser and had placed a bottle of liquid soap on the only available space. The water tap was broke and went bananas if you had too much water on. At this point I did not mind that I had a small TV.

You do not believe me? Well, here is a film to prove it. The fact that you never get a full view of the room proves it all.

Breakfast: BBB

The hotel promises a breakfast buffet. Using the word breakfast buffet means that you are supposed to offer food items in abundance. A good selection of bread, cheese, cold meats and jam, hot foods as fried egg, bacon, or sausages, good fresh coffee, juice muesli, yogurt.

One significant thing in my buffet list was not there. Where were the bacon and eggs? Those comforting hot food items that gives you the energy to roam the city until hunger strikes again around noon? The excellent foods for the traveler with a small hangover after the late drink before? OK - there was one variety of cheese, three cold meats in thin slices, jam and yogurt - but not in abundance. So was this a buffet? No!

Facilities: BBB

Other facilities were - a nice lounge where yo could sit down and enjoy free hot coffee. WLAN available and two free PCs for the guests. There were no other facilities to mention.

Price: BBB

The price DKK 599 a night (€75), was what is was worth. Nothing more, nothing less. I would rather pay more to get more.

Overall score: BBB+ (3,59)

Hotel Sct Thomas - a hotel for people on a budget, and with no expectations. For those with higher demand - pay up, or travel to Berlin to get higher standard at equal prices.


Hotel Sct Thomas
Frederiksberg Alle 7
1621 København V
Phone: 33 21 64 64
Fax: 33 25 64 60

Opening hours:

Daily 7:30 AM-9:00 PM

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