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Restaurants - Best Bargains 2006-2007

Enjoy Food & Travel has visited and reviewed a great number of restaurants in 2006 and 2007. For those of you wondering what the best bargain was, here comes the five best restaurants reviewed last year. The best experience in 2006-2007 was a small restaurant, in a narrow street in Bergen

1. BEST BARGAIN 2006-2007: Spisekroken, Bergen (4,92 points)

There are places you go to eat and leave a large sum of money, but feel it has been worth every penny. This was certainly the case at Spisekroken, a small intimate restaurant at Nordnes in Bergen with a continental/french style cuisine. It lacked many of the features of a true Michelin star restaurant, but the food was truly at the same level!

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2. Els Quatres Gats, Barcelona (4,9 points)

There are regular restaurants, and there are those that has turned into institutions. I have no clear view how and why they have gained this status, but it has something to do with history and tradition.

Els Quatre Gats has achieved this status as it en capsules the rich artistic traditions in Barcelona. Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso went here and paid (i.e. before they became famous), as many other less famous artists, their dinner with paintings. Els Quatre Gats captures, in my mind the very essence of Gaudís Barcelona. And the food and service is excellent too.

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3. Peder Oxe, Copenhagen (4,88 points)

I visited Peder Oxe for the first time the summer of 2005. It was great to sit outside in the heat, ordering open sandwiches, beer and aquavit. Returning to Copenhagen, I was determined to to get more of the delicious open sandwiches and beer and aquavit, of course!!

Peder Oxe is a feast!! There is hardly nothing to put your finger on. This is great food and drink, in a beautiful, honest and very Danish environment.

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4. Bilbao Berria, Barcelona (4,75 points)

Sometimes it is really a pity that you cannot eat for two. This especially the case if you go to Bilbao Berria, a restaurant close to the cathedral serving pinxtos, tapas from the Basque region. This is a must, if you want to eat good and cheap, but you may have to fight to get a seat. And when you want to get the bill the waiter counts the number of long and short sticks on your plate.

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5. Santamonica, Barcelona (4,73 points)

We had our Christmas dinner at the Santamonica, and the food was so great that we decided to revisit this restaurant. We did the last evening of our stay. Enjoy Food & Travel finds this restaurant highly recommendable. The combination of a very trendy interior, great wines and above all a very inventive menu makes this one of our best dinner experiences in Barcelona.

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