Saturday, February 23, 2008

One good, and one bad idea!

I am a fan of BBC Food. I call it my porn channel. Often I grasp ideas from the chefs on how to make things easier and smarter, and use them with a twist. I have, lately, tried two ideas from two BBC Food cooks. One worked well, the other was a disaster. The successful idea was conceived by Chef at Large, Michael Smith, the disastrous idea came from James "can cook" Reese.

Small taco tartelettes

These crispy taco discs to your tapas table was dead easy to make. You just need flour tortillas. I had two packets, one plain and one with Mexican seasoning and jalapeno. Find a cup with a diameter of 10 centimeters / 4 inches. Place on tortilla, cut around to create round discs. You will get three tartelettes out of each tortilla.

Brush the discs with olive oil on both sides, make a small incision. Place discs in a muffin tray and form them into small tartelettes. Bake in a hot oven (200C / 400F) until crisp.

Fill the ready made tartelettes with tapenade or as I did, with a spicy tuna mousse. A successful idea from Michael Smith. Thank you!!

Wanton skins for easy ravioli - a bad idea?

Mushroom & Leek Ravioli
by James "can cook" Reese, is meant to be an easy way to make ravioli. James Reese substitutes the pasta dough with ready made wanton sheets. I decided to try his recipe at home, and I am sorry to say that I failed.

I have James on BBC food and he makes the ravioli from wanton skins, all right and it works for him. My frozen "Spring Home" TYJ Spring Roll pastry did not work, and I have also tried the frozen wanton variety. The problem is that the sheets are too thin. The raviolis get soggy and many of them burst and the filling floats into the water.

Maybe some of you may tell me what works, and what doesn't. Here James can cook, I can't.

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