Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lunch at Restaurant Oasi'd Italia

Lunch in Copenhagen. One trivial problem for two hungry Norwegians. What and where to eat? As we roamed the narrow streets of central Copenhagen we realized that this city could offer any kind of food at any price. We settled for restaurant Oasi'd Italia in Kompagnistræde. That was not a bad choice.

Once in Paris, my good friend Øivind Grimsmo gave me the following piece of advice if looking for a good place to eat. Never choose an empty restaurant, and when in Paris, never chose a restaurant with a clean floor.

If I should have followed his advice, Oasi'd Italia would have been a place to avoid. Not the clean floor bit, as we are in Scandinavia proper, where food authorities may close you down, if you do not sweep your floors. We did, however, enter a very empty restaurant, and we did not leave.

As we sat down and glanced at the menu, we concluded that this restaurant had nice prices. Pasta starting on less than €10 and salads starting at a few euros more.

I decided to try a ravioli. Talking to the waitress, she told us that the Pasta Fatta in Casa, read; ravioli of the day, had a spinach and parmigiano filling served with a strong tomato sauce.

I was a little concerned that a tomato sauce would overpower the mild filling. I asked whether I could choose a cream sauce instead, and that was no problem. So - Pasta Fatta in Casa at DKK 79 would soon be served at my table. Ketil decided on a salad with chicken at DKK 89 and none of us were disappointed.

So - wine. As Ketil looked at the wine list, he smiled and highly recommended Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio.

Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio, the tears of Christ, refers to the legend of Christ's ascension into heaven and his emotion as he saw the breathtaking beauty of the Bay of Naples beneath him.

It is described as "Deep ruby red color, intense fruity nose, mainly cherry and blackberry. Soft and round with a pleasing tannic finish."

I often find that Italian wines lack richness, being too fruity, and with less character than Spanish wines. Still the Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio was a very good wine indeed.

Then the food came. Ketil was served a large salad, lunch for a real man, with large pieces of chicken.

And as my ravioli arrived at the table, I knew that this was good!!

The waitress told me that I was served ravioli with a creamed tomato sauce. That was obvious, as the pasta was swimming in the most beautiful orange sauce. It was topped with grated parmigiano.

The creamed tomato sauce did not overpower the delicate spinach and parmigiano filling. I sprinkled a little pepper and good olive oil over the ravioli and started eating.

€9 was a ridiculous price for that food!!!!

I did not need any dessert, but ordered coffee. Italian espresso as black as a tropical night, creamy and mild, bitter and pungent at the same time.


Can you guess how much we paid for all this? The two of us paid €55 for this meal. If you would settle for beer, the final bill would be under €40. If that isn't a bargain, what is?

Restaurant Oasi'd Italia
Kompagnistræde 19, 1208 København K
Phone: 33-11-11-18

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