Thursday, February 07, 2008

Giovanna's delicacies!

Giovanna had brought some of the food products she imported, and she had made this large, beautiful flower arrangement from sweets wrapped in coloured paper. She had put some of the other food articles on a small table. She mostly sold her articles in large quantities to gourmet restaurants, but she made an exception for us, and we were allowed to taste and buy smaller amounts. Here are some of the stuff Giovanna placed on the table.

Gold and silver almond nuggets

These almond sweets wrapped in beautiful silver and gold paper were absolutely scrumptious. In fact, I thought that the sweets were coated in silver and gold, and ate one with the wrapping on. With or without paper, sugar coating and high quality almonds - great stuff.

Villa Paradiso - sensational aromatic sweets

These Villa Paradiso sweets were truly sensational. As you put one of them in your mouth you were amazed by the aromas.

The intriguing thing as it touch your tongue is the question you ask yourself in wonder - what does this piece of candy get its taste from? They had a distinct aroma of fruit and pleasant, unidentifiable flower aromas.

Iranian saffron

Giovanna praised the quality of this Edman saffron, that she imported from Iran. I personally would not buy a food product from such an oppressive regime, but I do not deny that it looks exclusive.

Mexican Vanilla

Giovanna held a lecture on vanilla. The vanilla from French Caribbean, from Madagascar, Mexico. She imported Mexican vanilla, and sold them in bags of 100 vanilla pods for a little under €100. We were allowed to buy vanilla pods for a Euro each, and I bought five.

They had the most different aroma than the ones sold in the shops - even a hint of a good cigar.

To get hold of Giovanna

Pastas Maltagliati Elaborazione artegianale
Phone: +47 924 38 227
Fax: +47 22 80 53 27

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