Monday, February 04, 2008

Delicious, delightful dumplings!

I love raviolis in any form, and with any filling. These delightful, delicious Italian dumplings, served in a pungent tomato, or a creamy mushroom sauce. I have eaten lobster raviolis with orange sauce in Boston, with walnuts and basil in a white truffle sauce in Florence. As your teeth sink into these tasty treats you eagerly want to learn how to make them yourself. Coming Wednesday I will climb a new step on my ladder to pasta heaven, as Slow Food Oslo invites to ravioli night.

I attended my first Slow Food session before Christmas where we were taught by the brilliant Bodil Nordjore, a local food guru, to prepare traditional Norwegian meat dishes.

Gravlax, mutton roll and hodesylte, equivalent to the French tête pressé - a gelatinous minced meat dish made from a pigs head.

Now we will meet in order to make raviolis. I will bring my camera and share with you how to make it.

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