Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chicken Coriander Soup & Crispy Crunchy topping

As a fan of slow food, I am still constantly looking for an easy dinner solution. I have stopped using sauce and soup mixes, as the result is inferior to any decent product made from scratch. There are still a few packages in my kitchen drawer, but they are close to their “use by” date.
Some of them are made by Knorr, but the world is moving forward. Knorr has introduced a range of soups that tastes great. With a few easy modifications they are turned into good everyday meals.

Chicken soup with curry and coriander

This is a delicious, well balanced creamy soup with chicken.

To get an even smoother and creamier soup I add 10cl single cream (20%), and two table spoons of sweet chili to add more sweetness, and additional heat.

A delicious touch is to fry three slices of streaky bacon until very crisp, cool on a kitchen paper. Crack into smaller pieces and sprinkle on top


Goulash Soup with beef

This is a new variety of the Knorr brand. It was a little salty, and I added two table spoons of sour cream (10%), 2 table spoon of sweet chili sauce.

I had some raw and hot Spanish chorizo, sliced them and added as well. The red pepper and olive oil left ruby red pearl on the surface. Sexy!

And here are the end results!

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