Monday, February 04, 2008

Budget bed in Berlin - Hostel Alcatraz

I loved staying at the Park Inn Alexanderplatz. If you would like to use less money on hotels, and more on booze, you may find extremely cheap beds in Berlin - as in hostel Alcatraz in Prenzlauer Berg.

I stayed here in July 2006, as I attended the Christopher Street Parade, the gay pride in Berlin, with four good friends. We shared a flat on the top floor for three nights, and shared two double rooms for two nights. The prices then as now were ridiculous, and the standard was surprisingly good.

The flat on the upper floor had one bedroom with a large bed and a living room/bedroom sleeping two. Then it one lavatory and a kitchen with a shower! It sounds strange, but it works if you are traveling with good friends. If you are traveling during summer - be aware that all hot air goes up to the upper floor. Berlin in July on the top floor at hostel Alcatraz was a very hot experience.

The double rooms faced the back yard, and were newly redecorated, two and two sharing one very nice bathroom. They were cooler and pleasant even in July. And price? €16-40 per person during peak season. If you decide to travel four to six, you may rent one of the two flats for €20 per person per night.

Hostel Alcatraz
Schönhauser Allé 133a
10437 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (30) 48 49 68 15
See the Hostel Alcatraz website

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