Friday, January 11, 2008

Sundown Ranch Resort

Sundown Ranch & Lion Park is a resort that offers self-catering cottages, as well as a first class hotel where you may get packets that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are swimming pools connected to both the hotel and the cottages. Here I will present what the area has to offer.

The Sundown Ranch Hotel

The Sundown ranch Hotel was located just by the gate. It is a turquoise German-styled half timbered (!) building. This is the best and the most expensive accommodation on the Sundown Ranch Area. It is a round building with all rooms facing an beautiful enclosed garden.

I paid around 500 ZAR per night for a beautiful room with a terrace, and I did not regret it. I will soon write a separate review on the hotel. My advice is - choose the hotel. Comfort at a much better price.


All visitors to the cottages will have to collect the keys in the reception of the hotel. The cottages are located further up from the hotel, towards the lion park. We arrived just at the end of the dry season, and the area around the cottages was very dry and arid.

I found the cottages rather bleak, a bit run down, and could could certainly have needed some paint. There were two bedrooms with double beds and a bed in the living room with additional seating and a dining area. It was a very small kitchen and bathroom. The cottage did not appeal to my taste, so I decided to go for a room at the hotel, and I did not regret that choice. Here is a small film clip of the cottage and the surrounding area.

The Lion Park

The Sundown Ranch Lion Park is located on the resort area, just a short walk away from the hotel and the cabins.

As lions may be hard to see during your safari, you may see lions in all sizes at the Lion park, and even play with them, and touch them. I did not see any lion during my safari, so I found a visit here much amusing.

Here you find a bar to cool you down in the heat and a nice gift-shop for that little extra retail therapy.

I will also write more on the lion park later.

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