Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Secret Garden

The area around Sundown Ranch Hotel was dry and arid, due to the lack of rain of the long and cool South African winter. As the hotel was formed like a circle, with rooms facing an enclosed area, I was in for a surprise. The hotel hided a beautiful secluded oasis, and from my room I had the view to die for.

From my room I could enjoy a large pool area, one large date palm, and a wide range of other tropical or subtropical trees and flowers.

In my mind the garden is one of the largest assets of this hotel, and for a tourist that had left cold Northern Europe, sitting on my terrace or overlooking the tropical splendor from the side of the large swimming pool was pure bliss.

I miss it already, as I sit in my flat during the Scandinavian winter. Then it is great to have these two films to remember it by.

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