Thursday, January 24, 2008

A place called Sunnemo

This weekend I will cross the border into Sweden to visit the parents of Terje, one of my good friends. I will leave the urban jungle to enter the forests of Värmland, one province bordering the eastern part of Norway.

We will take E6 leading south towards the second largest city in Sweden, Göteborg. South of Oslo we will change to E18, travel through the communities of Spydeberg, Askim, Mysen and cross the border towards Töcksfors. From there we will travel to the city of Karlstad, and then north to Sunnemo.

I look forward to visit this region that I have crossed through by train. Close to Sunnemo you find Mårbacka, the home of the Nobel laureate in literature, Selma Lagerlöf. We will also visit Karlstad, and I will do some shopping on our way back.

I will keep you posted after I return. Here is a map marking the location of Sunnemo.

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