Monday, January 21, 2008

A mortal sin of a meal

Gluttony is one of the seven mortal sins in the Roman Catholic Church. Some meals are more sinful than other bordering this divine vice. At Jülchen Hoppe at Andreasviertel in Berlin, we devoured a mortal sin of a meal. The mortal sin came in the shape of two fat, long, and tasty wursts –two large sausages.

I have enjoyed German sausages many times, and I always end up being filled to capacity and very satisfied. As we ended up in this charming German restaurant I immediately knew what I wanted. I wanted Bratwurst with brown gravy, German sauerkraut (fart) and potatoes, and the meal came with a vengeance.

I loved the tasty, juicy bratwurst immediately as it met my eager tongue. The sauerkraut had that unbeatable sweet-sour taste enhanced by small bites of roasted bacon, and the gravy was of the kind only a mother could make. Fabelhaft!!

This substantial meal were among the pricier we had, but not expensive by Norwegian standard, 18 EUR is not bad for a meal that kept you going until late evening. To avoid flatulence, we ordered red wine. at EUR 4 per glass. I have tried the beer and sauerkraut combination before, and believe me, that was neither pleasant for me, nor my environment.

I highly recommend people as pious as me or less to try this feast. It is worth eternal damnation.

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