Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Good Morning Vietnam!!

Rarely have I eaten better food at a lower price. Good Morning Vietnam in Berlin is the ultimate place to have a meal, and they could easily have doubled the price and it still would have been a bargain. Good Morning Vietnam is highly recommendable, good location, stylish interior, good service, excellent food and wine, and inexpensive. Who could ask for more. I could not!!

Location: BBBB

Good Morning Vietnam is located in the heart of old East Berlin, in Alte Schönhauser Strasse, close to the Rose Luxemburg Platz subway station.

Atmosphere: BBBBB

Bright red and beige walls, rustic wooden tables and chairs, gives the interior a very oriental look: I have no specific idea on what a genuin Vietnamese interior would look like. To me the interior at at Good Morning Vietnam looked more Japanese than Vietnamese. What ever - in spite of the bright colors it feels light, intimate and classy.

Price: BBBBB

€34 for one entree to share, two main courses, one glass of red and one of white wine each, and one bottle of sparkling mineral wine. In Scandinavia you would hardly get a main course for the same price. This may be one of the best bargains I have had - ever!

Service: BBBBB

Excellent service from the Asian staff, both kind and polite, and the food came quickly to the table. And what food!!!


Ketil and I were both hungry, hungry enough to order an entree a New Ha Long to share. This is a deliciously crisp spring roll filled with prawns, crunchy vegetables and with a hot dipping sauce. For this delicious treat we paid €2,50 and two generous glasses (20 cl) of dry pinot grigio (€3,80) was the best company you could think of.

I ordered the most exquisite Asian duck! Crispy tender duck meat with a sauce made from coconut milk flavored with ginger and lemon grass. This is certainly food that everyone would like, as this had none of the hot spices found in many Thai dishes. Extremely well balanced, mild but still with a distinct taste of Asia. I have rarely tasted anything as good as this, and paid so little. We paid €6,50 for this exquisite treat.

And we ordered one good glass of a rich red wine (based on the syrah grape) each to follow our main course at the same low price as the pinot grigio. We were both baffled by the price and the quality. This is definitely a place I will return to when I revisit Berlin.

Rating the Good Morning Vietnam experience: BBBBB (4,8 points)

It does not getter and more inexpensive than this - visit, and enjoy!!!


Good Morning Vietnam
Alte Schönhauser Strasse 60, 10019 Berlin
Phone: 030-30-88-29-73

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