Saturday, January 19, 2008

A few delicious products

I want to share some very good products I have found on the market here in Scandinavia. A great and inexpensive chocolate, sweet and spicy almonds, instant strawberries in a bottle, and a great ingredient to make instant mushroom stew.

Ecuadorian chocolate with high cocoa content from J. D. Gross

This rich chocolate with 70% cocoa is one of the main reasons why I pop in at my nearest Lidl shop on and off. This rich dark chocolate is a bargain. You get much for your money compared to similar products from Lindt, Droste, or any other high class producer. It is for offer at Lidl for NOK 17,60, or around €2.

This is the main ingredient in my creamy chocolate mousse where I also add a little cointreau for taste. Heaven.

Almonds dipped in white chocolate, coated in cinnamon.

This treat was a Christmas gift from Susanne. Seriously wicked stuff, much taste. At first glance I thought it was coated in coco powder, and I was surprised by the fact that the brown dusting was cinnamon. The combination of the crunchy nut, the intens flavour of cinnamon, and sweet, perfumed white chocolate is unbeatable.

It is marketed in Scandinavia by Estebans Agenturer in Sweden. They have a very interesting website with many other intriguing products. Enjoy!!

Instant mushroom taste from Borgens

This is an ingredient I buy when I go to Sweden. It is one of a wide range of products made from mushrooms by the Swedish manufacturer Borgens.

This little can means instant mushroom stew. It is a fine mousse made from mushrooms and butter. And if you do not use all - divide it into smaller portions and freeze.

An instant taste of summer - Strawberry Syrup.

If you have a bottle of Sirop Fraise Frais des Bois - fresh syrup made from wood strawberries in you cupboard, you are lucky. With this deliciously red, fresh and sweet sauce you can turn ordinary vanilla ice cream into a feast, or you may dip some cupcakes in it. Wicked.

I have done both, today I served Mövenpick ice cream with toffee liqueur and strawberry syrup. A dish you are willing to burn in hell for - believe me! Pure gluttony!

It is produced by Routin, located in Chambéry in the Savoie region in south eastern France.

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