Monday, January 21, 2008

Destinations for Daredevils

Forbes Travel has chosen the ultimate destinations for dare devils, or fools! The places you are guaranteed not to to have a comfortable, pleasant and laid back vacation. Five places not to go, if you do not want to face abduction, terrorist attacks, or violent crime. The good thing is that it is quite difficult to get there, and you may have time to change your mind en route.

Where not to go?

1. At gunpoint - Somalia

Status: Extreme security and travel risk.

Definitely the place for religious fundamentalists, pirates and warlords, not you!

2. In the future, but not now - Iraq

Status: Extreme security, terrorism and travel risk.

Shia and Sunnis fighting each other. a weak central government protected by the US army. In spite of the fact that conditions are improving, Iraq is definitely still a destination for dare devils.

3. Home of Taliban and Osama bin Laden - Afghanistan

Status: Extreme security, terrorism and travel risk

A collection of tribes in constant wars. Even the heavily protected Serena Hotel in Kabul was attacked by suicide bombers last weeks. Taliban threatens restaurants serving international guests. Not the place for a quiet evening out.

4. Hardly a tropical paradise - Haiti

Status: High security and travel risk; extreme travel risk in Port-au-Prince.

Half the beautiful island of Hispaniola. Corrupted and destroyed by the despotic leaders Francois Duvalier (Papa Doc) and his son Jean Claude Duvalier (Baby Doc). Extreme poverty means constant threats to your personal security.

5. In democratic crisis - Pakistan

Status: High security and terrorism risk, high travel risk in Karachi and Baluchistan (Extreme security and travel risk in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan)

A country in chock after the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, with population that protect and support Taliban and Al Qaida. Hardly a place to travel to right now.

Other destinations for dare devils:

6. Sudan
7. Democratic Republic of Congo
8. Lebanon
9. Zimbabwe
10. Palestine

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