Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cole House - a cyber story

Running a website is not a solitary work. It gives you the possibility to share with the world what you experience, and occasionally some of you respond. Last year I got a mail from Lee Nicholls, the proprietor of Cole House in North Carolina, and we connected. The connection was food, as he is a passionate owner of a first class restaurant in the Appalachian Mountains.

The connection was not completely coincidental. Lees son is hiding under the pseudonym Balzac and the mind behind the blog that is not a blog - Ceci n'est pas un blog. Balzac has worked with my brilliant nephew Hans Ørnes in a renowned Norwegian Software company.

Lee has done, what I would have loved to do, to start doing what you like the most. I would have loved to start my own place, but it is so easy to get complacent, when you receive your salary on a regular basis. But there is so much death in complacency.

The only time I have visited the state of North Carolina was a day in February 1988, as I changed plane at Charlotte International Airport on my way to Orlando in Florida to visit my cousin, then a residence of Sebastian Fla. As I am in the United States at least once a year, I would love to travel to the Appalachian to eat and review Cole House. Well I am planning to leave for the US in April, so who knows?

Cole House have launched a completely new and delicious website. Here you may see what is under offer, how to get there, and where you even may learn from Lee how to make chocolate risotto, an intriguing dish.


The Cole House
1219 Main Street, Andrews, NC 28901
Phone: 1-828-321-0874

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