Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Booking at Sterling - a confusing experience

The most irritating experience is when you think you have made a bargain, and you discover that there are hidden charges, that you cannot avoid. Be aware that this is the case when booking Sterling. I thought I had purchased a cheap ticket, but the price doubled? No the end price was more than three and half times higher.

One way to Copenhagen at NOK 94,- - what a bargain!!

Happy when I discovered the price of a one-way ticket on Sterling NB696, departing January 30th at 6.40 PM. One way for NOK 94,- This was too good to be true, and it was...

Unavoidable - taxes / fees NOK 146,-

Taxes and fees is the unavoidable part of a ticket. At this price I did not expect fees to be included, as the taxes exceed the price of a ticket. Well, well the price, NOK 240,-, is cheap enough.

What! Extra luggage NOK 27,-

This is completely hopeless and irritating. This is a hidden, and for me unknown fee. I knew before traveling with Ryanair that I had to pay per suitcase. The fact that I had to pay extra for one piece of luggage is horrendous. We are now up in 267,- NOK. Where will this end?

Sit down - pay NOK 65,-

The end was not in sight. We were allowed to book seats, and I chose two in front of the airplane. In order to sit down in an airplane belonging to Sterling you will have to pay up NOK 65,- per seat. And the price goes up to NOK 332,-

NOK 50,- to book on the internet

Well, at the end I had to pay NOK 50,- to do the job, making it easy for Sterling, by booking on the net. Well let us face, this is not fair competition.

This is what you have to pay at Sterling

Ticket: NOK 95,- +
Taxes/fees: NOK 146,-
Extra luggage: (I declared that I had one piece) NOK 27,-
Seat reservation: NOK 65,-
Handling fee: NOK 50,-

Thus the real price was not NOK 95,- but NOK 382,-. Four times more. Maybe you should check somewhere else?

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