Saturday, January 12, 2008

Berlin - Breakfast at Bell Chicco

I dream back to the time, when breakfast was included when you stayed at a hotel. Shame on the United States, that used to be the only place to be as cheap, as to charge extra for a good start on the day. Now this American abomination has spread to the rest of the civilized world. At Park Inn they charged €15 extra for a breakfast, that cost a fraction of the price to prepare. Well, let us face it, the good old times will not return. I ate at the hotel once. The second day we found Bell Chicco, where we paid just a few Euros for a great breakfast.

Bell Chicco was located just a few blocks away from Park Inn Alexanderplatz, as one out of many places to get a good and reasonably priced breakfast. Here you could choose from a menu of warm and cold plates, coffee and other beverages and freshly pressed juices.

We chose an omelet, mine with salami and cheese. Delicious, served with freshly baked bread, and slices of apples, oranges and melons on the side. I ordered a glass of orange juice, pressed from whole oranges with pulp and all. Good coffee.

So remember! If you stay at a hotel cheap enough not to include breakfast, find a place nearby. There are plenty of them in Berlin, and they are inexpensive.

This as hotel breakfasts are complete rip-offs!!

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