Monday, September 24, 2007

CLSED JANUARY 2011: Norwegian meat balls at M3

I have described Norwegian meat balls as serious comfort food for those of us that have moved away from home. Our mothers are serious competition to any cook that dare to put this staple food on the menu. At M3 in Oslo they have dared, and the result was not like my mothers meat balls, but still a delicious variation over a known theme.

As our regular hangout Fire Brødre has closed its kitchen on Sundays my friend Ketil and I decided to check out a new place called M3, referring to the address Maridalsveien 3, one of the first numbers of one of Oslo's longest streets. I will most certainly return to write a review of this place.

They have a small menu, a soup, smørbrød (open sandwiches), a few meat and a few fish dishes salad and desserts. They have one main course of each day of the week and this Sunday it was Meat balls, lucky us. The price tag is on a rather normal level in Oslo, meaning around €15 for dinner.

It was very good, the meat balls were more like Swedish "Kjøttbullar" than Norwegian "Kjøttkaker" in size, but they were made from freshly ground meat, and we were informed that it was supplied by the butcher Strøm-Larsen, founded in 1903. And the meatballs were served with boiled potatoes, a good and waxy variety, gravy, homemade lingonberry jam and mushy peas. Great stuff.

So if you live in Oslo, try this new place, and as a tourist they serve Norwegian specialities with a new twist. And M3 has character, as it is in an old brewery with an air of the late 19th century.

Maridalsveien 3
0178 Oslo

Escargot - a great nibble!!

Escargots are delicious, especially as a small nibble after a good and early dinner. Terje decided to buy a crab shell filled with claw meat and all the goodness collected in the shell. I, however, was tempted by these large snails, frozen, with garlic and parsley butter. The frozen snails were baked in the oven at 150C / 275F until the butter started to bubble. Snails taste great, like something between mushrooms and mussels. This is social food, and time passed by as Terje made some large sandwiches with a heap of crab, mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon juice. I removed the baked escargots from their shells, one by one with a fork. The garlic butter left in the tray was a great dip for good French "pain de campagne." It tasted heaven with the wine. What a great nibble.....

Early fall by the coast

As I am going to Africa coming Friday, I had to go to our summer home to fetch my bathing gear, one large and very flexible straw hat and my large towel. It was so nice that my friend Terje wanted to join me and I will try to share some stories from the South East coast from early fall. As we live so far north summers are hot but very short and the leaves start to change colours late September to early October, i.e. right now. This is one of my favourite times of the year, when the sun set at 8 PM and the air starts to get cold and crisp. We had a great time the two of us, ate out Saturday and bought some nibbles for the evening, with a good bottle of Lindeman Cabernet Sauvignon.