Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boston foodstories: Quincy Market

Calzone, pizza - benvenuto alla cucina italiana!

Succulent Italian multilayered calzone with spinach - delicious pizza with a thin crust and with a generous layer of Italian salami. So very filling - eat one slice, and you are filled up to capasity.

Boston foodstories: Seafood at Quincy Market

Seafood is my favourite, and at quincy market you can get fish, crustacaens, and shellfish prepared in every possible way.

But who can resist this. Freshly baked rolls with a salad made from mayonnaise, finely chopped celery, and a generous amount of lobster meat. Or freshly boiled prawns served with a strong tomato dipping sauce. I could not help myself. The prawns were scrumptious - delicious.

Boston foodstories: Quincy Market

Another food hot spot, is Quincy Market, situated next door to Faneuil Hall - along the Freedom trail.

This is the place for the serious foodie. You can, literally, eat yourself through the American, European, Mideastern and Asian cuisine just by walking down the long hall. Sadly, you have to say stop quite early, if you do not show any restraint and seriously consider what you would eat today. A homemade New England Chowder from Fisherman's net, often served in a bread bowl, is not the worst choice. Or a lobster roll? Tough!

Boston Foodstories: Crispy Chinese poultry

This is the kind of windows I love, a real feast for your eyes.

Freshly made poultry, ducks and chicken first boiled in water in order to get the skin moist, then seasoned, and baked or fried. I think of crispy, deep fried duck, served the Peking way, with small pancakes, thinly sliced spring onion and hoisin or sweet noodle sauce.


Boston foodstories

China Pearl

This is my favourite restaurant in Boston, China Pearl. It gives you the best dim sum experience in a true Chinese environment. The majority that come to have their dumplings and spring rolls here, are Chinese and you are forced to meet other people. Here you are seated around large tables, and you do not know who your neighbour will be.

What is Dim Sum? Dim sum is a meal consisting of several small dishes, served steamed, or deep fried. As you are seated you order your Tsing Tao, or pour a small cup of tea, always available at the table.

Then you start to order from different trolleys wheeled around. At China Pearl, I have serious trouble understanding what the Chinese trolley dollies say, so I always say "one" or "two", and you never know what you get. Usually you are not disappointed. You get the most delicious steamed dumplings with pork or seafood, or pork with black beans. However, you can get a surprise - fried chicken feet, being one of them.

You can also help yourself with sushi or sashimi, and you pay when you leave - and it is dead cheap. China Pearl is a great place to eat. I will review it the next time I visit Boston, and take some pictures of all the goodies

Adress: 9 Tyler street, Chinatown MA
Phone: 1-617-426-4338

Boston foodstories: Chinatown

Bostons Chinatown is situated by South Station, where you find this magnificent gate. I love to walk around in the street, peeking into butchers shop, fish mongers, bakers and vegetable markets. Here you find a great number of Chinese and other Asian restaurants.

You are well adviced to spend a few hours walking around in this area. Oslo has certainly not the diversity of chinese foodmarkets. On one corner you can get fresh fish and lobster from a fishtank, on the next you see freshly baked pastry and cookies. And I have one restaurant for those of you that want a truly chinese experience.

(Photo: Paifang in Chinatown in Boston, Massachusetts, en:United States. March 2008 photo by John Stephen Dwyer)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shopping in Boston - where to go?

Filene's used to be the best known New England department stores, that is until it was bought and merged by its rival Macy's. This actually stirred much emotion by New Englanders. Filene's had been a part of their world, and the world of their parents and grandparents since 1881.

Still, Boston has so much to offer shopoholics, both those of you with a well filled wallet and those of you that look for a bargain. The obvious stop of your shopping spree, would be Downtown Crossing, a block away from Boston Common.

At 426 Washington Street, you find the famous Filene's Basement. Filene's Basement is famous for its automatic markdown system, that allows you to buy clothes at reduced prices. At Downtown Crossing you find Macy's, and other well known brands as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, the Swedish H & M. Along Washington Street you find a large variety of shops. Here you find some of the best Jewellry shops in Boston.

If you would like to dig deeper into your reserves you are adviced to visit Back Bay, and in particular Newbury Street with its galleries and designer shops. This is also a great place for finer dining in Boston. The area around Harvard square is also a great place to shop.

One of my favourites, is the CambridgeSide Galleria, situated at 100 CambridgeSide Place, by the Science Museum in Cambridge. For Directions: Take the Green line to Lechmere, take 1st street, and turn right along Cambridgeside Place. Here you find everything under one roof, and most well known brands can be found here. And if you get hungry there are some decent restaurant and a nice food court here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Along my Freedom Trail: Old North Church and the Paul Revere Statue

And here he is - Paul Revere riding on his horse to warn the citizens of Lexington, day before the battles of Lexington and Concord, April 18th 1775. This battle marks the start of the American Revolution.

In the background you see Old North Church, built in 1723, inspired by buildings of the famous British architect, sir Christopher Wren. It is famous for its lanterns that were placed in the steeple, April 18th 1775 probably a little after 10 P.M, and lit to send a warning to Charlestown Patriots across the Charles River about the movements of the British Army.

Along my Freedom Trail: Paul Revere House

Leave Marshall street and cross into the North End along Hanover street. Take right at Prince street, and then turn right along North Street. Number 19 North Square was the home of the famous goldsmith and patriot Paul Revere.

The house bearing his name was his home from 1770 to 1800, nearly a century after its construction in 1680. It is the oldest house in Boston, and a very old house by American standards. He and his family may have lived in it as little as a decade, from 1790 until he sold it in 1800. The Paul Revere house is beautiful, marked by its old age, but beautifully restored. It has been a museum since 1908, showing interiors that may show how this period property may have looked, when Paul Revere lived here, and beyond.

To me the Paul Revere house is the most beautiful stop of the Freedom Trail.

The neigbouring building, the Pierce-Hichborne building, was built as early as 1711, and is a beautiful example of colonial Georgian architecture. It is also a museum run by the Paul Revere Memorial Association.

More: See the official website of Paul Revere house

You will find more on the Pierce Hichborn house here

Ebenezer Hancock House - memorial plaque

This memorial plaque outlines the long history of 10 Marshall street.

Along my Freedom Trail: Ebenezer Hancock house

10 Marshall street, is known as the Ebenezer Hancock house was built in 1767. One of its owners was the 1st Governor of Massachussets , John Hancock, and he allowed his brother Ebenezer to live here.

Today it is the home of the Law Firm Swartz & Swartz.

Read more on the history of the house on the official Swartz & Swartz website

Along my Freedom trail: Ye Olde Union Oyster House

The house on 41-43 Union Street may go back as early as 1716, and is a great example of early Georgian architecture in Boston. This was the home of the later king Louis Philippe, during his exile, in 1796.

Here you have found Ye Olde Union Oyster House restaurant, since 1826, the oldest restaurant still in business in the United States. It serves traditional New England dishes as chowder and baked beans.

For more: See the official website of Ye Olde Union Oyster House

Along my Freedom trail: Historic sights by Union Street

If you pass Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market, along the heavily trafficated Congress Street, take right at North Street, and the turn left. Here you find Union Street.

Between North Street and Hanover Street, you find a few small blocks, divided by Creek square, Blackstone street, Scott alley, and Marshall street.

In these streets you find a few very interesting, old houses, and the oldest restaurant in North America, still in business. I have already told you about the Green Dragon Tavern and the Bell In Hand. In spite of their claim of old age, the original taverns were situated on another location. So let me tell you the stories of two other sights., the Ebenezer Hancock House and Ye Olde Union Oyster House.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Enjoying wines - Scituate MA: Edmeades Mendecino County Zinfandel 2005

I love wine made from the zinfandel grape. The Californian wine producer Edmeades certainly know how to make wine from it. The Edmeades Mendecino County Zinfandel also contains some Petite Syrah (12%) and Grenache (2%) It is a very strong wine, with an alcohol content of 15,5%!

This wine has a great variety of aromas from i.e. spices and oak, as well as berries. It was a more complex wine, and certainly is worth its high price, $18,99. It may be enjoyed now, but may also be stored for another five to ten years.

Enjoying wines - Scituate, MA: Winemaker Porta Reserva 2005 Pinot Noir

This Chilean wine is produced at the Porta winery founded in 1954 by the Spanish Guterriez family. We only paid $11,99 for it, so we did not expect much.

But we were surprised. What a great wine, to a very decent price! Deep red colour, and a rich aroma of fruits and red berries. So you are recommended to, if you see it in a store close to you, to buy a bottleor two. It is definetely worth the price!

Along my Freedom Trail: The Old State House

Squeezed in by high rise buildings in the Financial District of Boston, you find sight number 10 on the Freedom trail, the beautiful Old State House. It is built in 1713, making it the oldest public building of Boston.

Along my Freedom Trail: Kings Chapel Burying Ground

This headstone marks sight number 6 along the Freedom trail. The Kings Chapel Burying Ground or what is left of it is situated by the busy Tremont street in downtown Boston and goes back as far as the 1st half of the 17th Century.

This stone commemorates among others Mary Chilton that died in 1679, a passenger on the Mayflower, that arrived in the New World 11th September 1620, daughter of James Chilton. According to legend she was the first of the passengers to step on the famous Plymouth Rock.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Restaurant visited and/or reviewed August 2006 - November 2007

Unrated Restaurants

Al Fresco Café, Sitges
L’Amadeus, Brussels
Antica Roma, Berlin

Baklandet Skydsstation, Trondheim
Balthasar, Tallinn
Bangkok Joe's, Washington DC
Barcelona Tapas Bar, Oslo
Beijing Palace, Oslo
Bell in Hand, Boston MA
Bertucci’s, Derby Mall, MA
BJ's Restaurant & Fast Food, Harrismith
Blue Moon, Norwell, MA
Brasserie la Coupole, Marseille

Café a Porta, Copenhagen
Café Tenerife, Oslo
China buffet, Salisbury MA
China Pearl, Boston MA
Con Gusto, Oslo
Coquillages, Marseille

Darwin's Ltd, Cambridge MA
Daytone Spur, Durban
La Daurade, Marseille

Eastmans Docks Restaurant, Seabrook, N.H.
El Rincon del Angel, Barcelona
Enhjørningen, Bergen
Un Éscale au Marrakech, Marseille

Falstaff, Brussels
Fyret, Oslo

Green Dragon Tavern, Boston MA
Greenhouse Coffee Shop & Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
Gretas Great Grains Bakery and Cafe, Newburyport MA
Grill from Ipanema, Washington DC

L’Huîtrière, Brussels
Hviids Vinstue, Copenhagen

John Harvard Brew House, Cambridge MA

T’Kelderke, Brussels

Lizards Rock, Pietermaritzburg
Luigi & Roscoe's, Boston, MA

Man-Lung Restaurant, Paris
La Maison du Cygne, Brussels
Moskva, Tallinn

Nambitha, Johannesburg
News Cafe, Durban

Old Hansa, Tallinn
Ye Olde Union Oyster House, Boston MA
Olive Garden, Newington N.H.
Olivias, Oslo
The Orange Acorn, Melville-Johannesburg

Le Pavé, Copenhagen
Pegasus, Tallinn
PJs Country House, Scituate, MA

Le Quincaillerie, Brussels

Restaurant Alt Oberstein, Idar Oberstein
Restaurant Grøften, Copenhagen
Restaurant Ida Davidsen, Copenhagen
Restaurant Mona Lisa, Hammerstein
Restaurant Munchs hus, Berlin
Restaurant Orestias, Paris

San Leandro, Oslo
Santa Maria, Barcelona
Seafood Bar, Oslo airport
Sedna, Barcelona
Skieve Architect, Brussels
Spagos Bar & Lounge, Berlin
Sushi'n Wok, Oslo

3M, Oslo
TK O’Malleys, Scituate MA

Vann og Brød, Oslo

Wesselstuen, Bergen

Rated – restaurants December 2006 - November 2007

This is a list of restaurants visited and reviewed in the period December 23rd to present date.

See the rating of the food here


Els Quatre Gats, Barcelona (BBBBB)
Peder Oxe, Copenhagen (BBBBB)
Spisekroken, Bergen (BBBBB)
Bella Vita, Oslo (BBBBB-)
Bilbao Berria, Barcelona (BBBBB-)
Café Zeleste, Copenhagen (BBBBB-)
Cerveseria Canarias, Barcelona (BBBBB-)
Santamonica, Barcelona (BBBBB-)
Soi, Johannesburg (BBBBB-)

Le Cirio, Brussels (BBBB+)
Les Quinze Nitz, Barcelona (BBBB+)
Risotteria, New York NY (BBBB+)
Santa Maria, Sitges (BBBB+)
Taste of China, Oslo (BBBB+)
Tapelia, Barcelona (BBBB+)
To Rom og Kjøkken, Trondheim (BBBB+)
Blue Riband, M/F Pearl of Scandinavia (BBBB)
Sammy's, New York NY (BBBB)
Feng Shui, Cohasset MA (BBBB-)
Spud's, Rowley MA (BBBB-)
Tenorio Braseria (BBBB-)

Bistro Latitude, M/F Pearl of Scandinavia (BBB+)
La Fonda, Barcelona (BBB+)
NEW: Restaurant Versailles, Durban (BBB+)
A Taste of Indian, Bergen (BBB+)
Siddharta, Barcelona (BBB)
Da Yin He, Barcelona (BBB)
Piccola Venezia, Boston MA (BBB-)
Los Tapetes de Gaudi, Barcelona (BBB-)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Barbeque pork chops with Ah-So sauce

This is one of the prettiest dishes I have seen, that is; under preparation, as the bright cherry red colour disappears as the pork chops are on the barbeque. The taste develops as it hits the grill. Sadly this is a dish we Europeans cannot enjoy as Ah-So sauce is not available here.

Serves 6
You need

6 pork chops
one jar of Ah-So sauce

Take two chops, spread Ah-So sauce on both sides, and place in deep bowl. Make another two layers of pork chops and spread sauce on top. Cover with cling film and allow to marinade over night.

Place pork chops on the barbeque, and roast 7 minutes on each side, or until cooked through. Serve with diced baked sweet potato and steamed green beans.

Home cooking in Scituate, MA

Barbeque pork chops with Ah-So sauce

Ah-So sauce is a sticky red sauce, not found in the traditional chinese cuisine. This as it is produced in the United States and nowhere else. It has a sweet, salty and smokey taste, and it was great on as marinade on pork chops prepared on the barbeque.

Enjoying wines - Scituate, MA: Concannon Central Coast Petite Sirah, Limited Release 2004

I bought this great bottle in Cohasset. For the price of $12,99 you really get a very good wine in a very nice glass bottle.

It was worth every penny. Dark purple colour. Rich in tannins and oak. Wonderful fruits, plums, blueberries. Very soft and drinkable.

A definite buy!!