Thursday, December 27, 2007

A good site on Norwegian beer

I am a beer lover, but I am not the one claiming to know much about beer. For those of you interested in beer in general, and in Norwegian beer, may I recommend a very good blog.

Lars Marius Garshol is the master behind the site Larsblog, and this man travel around in Norway and Europe to taste beer. He is obviously a fan of my favourite beer “Nøgne Ø” (Naked Island), a Micro Brewery with the most exquisite brews. This is serious stuff, far away from the mass produced drink of Interbrew or Carlsberg.

For those of you in quest for new beer experiences, wait no longer. Visit Larsblog and his stories on beer, and learn, as there is so much to learn on the topic. As you can see, my stories are rather few. This, as my knowledge on beverages is on wines not beer, but I am eager to learn, so I may revisit soon!

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