Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rediscovering Spaghetti

I remember the first time I tasted spaghetti. It was overcooked, mixed with tomato sauce, meatballs, cocktail sausages, and in the best tomato sauce. Spaghetti à la Capri came out of a tin, and you can still get it here in Norway. I remember it was the most delicious experience, but as I tried it again a few months ago, I was certainly disappointed. Either my taste, or the product had changed, but it was too bad as I want my childhood memories back!!

Traditional spaghetti is certainly an ingredient to rediscover. Served with a strong tomato sauce, and with a drizzle of freshly grated parmigiano reggiano.

I have discovered two ready made sauces that I really can recommend. One is made by the Italian producer Barilla. The Gorgonzola Ricetta Speciale has the most distinct taste of the delicious Italian blue cheese and the creamiest consistency. The Knorr sauce with tomato, oregano, onion and garlic is a chuncy, spicy, garlicy, experience. Both are easily turned into the most delicious meal - with a few modifications.

Warm up a generous amount of olive oil and add more garlic (you can never have too much of it). Then add half an onion and streaky bacon or even better - pancetta. I substituted this ingredient with cubed German salami. Then the spaghetti sauce goes in. One thing is vital, add the necessary amount of sugar to balance the acidity and saltiness of the sauce.

You have of course boiled the spaghetti in the same pan to save time and effort. Add it to the sauce and stir well. This is before and after a good hand full of grated parmigiano reggiano and a few roughly torn basil leaves go in. Now you cook as a true Italian.

And boy how that taste, and it is very easy to make, taking 20 minutes at the most. For you guys there is another reason to eat tomato sauce. It protects against prostate cancer. Great stuff!!

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