Monday, December 03, 2007

Chicken Kiev at Daytona Spur

Daytona Spur is located in the Suncoast complex. Here I went to eat lunch, and chose this - Chicken Kiev. This dish is actually as Ukranian as this sounds, breaded chicken breast, fried in unsalted butter, originally served with potatoes and peas. The South African variety did not conform to the Eastern European traditions.

Daytona Spur is a restaurant in the front, by the food court at the main entrance. The Chicken Kiev served here was filled with cheese and was served with rice and a white creamed mushroom sauce. I do not think that it was a particularly smart combination, as the sauce should have been served aside and not on top. It made the crisp breaded surface of the chicken soft and sticky.

But the taste was not that bad, and served with a few Windhoek lagers it was a satisfactory lunch experience.

Daytona Spur
Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World
Battery Beach Road
Durban, South Africa
Phone: 031 332 4032
Fax: 031 332 4069

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