Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Berlin - shaken, not stirred

We had some very good drinks in Berlin. Who can resist a dry martini, shaken but not stirred. This dry martini was served at Spagos Bar at our hotel, and let me present some of the drinks we enjoyed.

These two beer varieties, Berliner Kindl and Warsteiner (right and left) were traditional lagers or Pilsner beer, as we call them in Norway. Very light and refreshing on a summer day but as good during late fall or winter. Enjoyed at Cancun and Bistro am Gendarmenmarkt.

Krusovice Kralovsky Pirovar (middle), a delicious beer brewed since 1517 in the old town of the same name.The brewery got a contract in 1581 to provide beer to Emperor Rudolph II of the Holy Roman Empire. A noble history for a good pilsner beer enjoyed at Bierstube Alt Berlin.

A Margarita and a Mojito, two great drinks to enjoy as a night cap. The Margarita was served at El Curandero, while the Mojito was enjoyed at Spagos Bar at our hotel, Park Inn Alexanderplatz.

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