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To Rom og Kjøkken, Trondheim

To Rom og Kjøkken is a chic restaurant located in one of the old wooden houses in down town Trondheim. This was the third place we found that Siren, my nephews wife, dared to recommend, as she knows how hard I am to please. To Rom og Kjøkken had one of these interiors that used to very trendy, but that you now find everywhere, the service was not the best, the prices were steep, but my - the food was delicious!! So if you go to eat, it is still worth to recommend, but you have to dig deep into your purse. We ended up close to €50 per person, and that included only one bottle of wine for the four of us to share!!

Location: BBBB

Easy to find, in the small city centre, in one of the old wooden houses. Not the most scenic location however.

Interior: BBBB

If I had visited To Rom og Kjøkken five years ago, we would have cried out loud to a hip and very trendy interior. I have, however, seen these interiors over and over and over again. In New York, Barcelona and Marseille you find places like this. These interiors are simply not trendy anymore.

We chose to sit in a more informal bar setting, but judging by the formal dining area, this was a restaurant with all the formalities in order. White table cloths, napkins, and wine glasses marched up on line like a disciplined Prussian infantry, with knives, forks, and spoons where they are supposed to be.

But was it cozy? No! Were we tempted to sit in the dining area? No! So we sat down in the bar area.

Price level: BBBB+

Entrees from €10 to nearly €20, main courses between 30-40€, and desserts from €10 and up, is expensive. As I was destined to give my relations a treat I dug deep into my wallet, but the food was delicious - even at this price. So when I got the bill close to €200, it was worth it.

Service: BBBB+

Well I do not know why my calculation came that high, as we could have sung "why are we waiting", several times. The menu was easy to understand, and we were served a very good wine, but the service did not stand out. We waited for ages, and maybe the score got higher because of the food.

The food: BBBBB

Let's face it, we were going out to get food, and as we were waiting getting more more and more grim, the food arrived at our table - and suddenly all the bad feelings disappeared.

I ordered monkfish, served with crunchy pistachios and with a well balanced reduction and homemade mashed potato. The crunch of the nuts, the perfectly prepared fish, the seafood aromas - excellent, extraordinary, o yum!!

My nephew chose Bouillabaisse, the famous fish soup from Marseilles, served with the spicy mayonnaise that is supposed to be spread on small toasts and released into the yellow soup like small boats. Here - very balanced, sweet and salt, not over salted like the one I was served in Marseilles, ironically.

Siren chose the calves shanks, served with mushrooms, and a delicious reduction. I did not taste her dish, but she loved it!!

The wine - a white wine from the famous Australian producer Penfolds - and excellent choice!!

The desserts were equally impressive, I chose a delicious parfait with, with a crunchy surface, a great choice.

Rating the To Rom og Kjøkken Experience: BBBB+ (4,367 points)

There were so much that did not add up, but the food was great!!


To Rom og Kjøkken
Carl Johans gt 5
7010 Trondheim
Phone +47 73 56 89 00
Fax +47 73 56 89 01
See their English website her :-)

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