Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sun, sand, sea - and surf!!

The white fine beaches of Durban display works of art from artists of different kind. They amazed me, on land or at sea, with sand or the blue mild waters as materials. On land I felt I was, where I was supposed to be - in Africa, but when I turned around, facing the sea I felt I was along the Californian coast. Magic in sun, sea, sand and surf!!

There are many arts to perform. As I started to walk along the beach, I encountered these amazing sculptors that created short lived pieces of art out the purest white sand. I have never ever seen such masterpieces.

I love the display of the five big shown above. A large sculpture showing a leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros that eventually would fall victim to the elements, the wind, rain, and the sea itself.

And just behind it - a leopard, resting in the hot African sun.

And then I turned around and saw the young men challenging their element, the sea, on their surf boards. It was amazing to see how they mastered their art, lying on their surf boards as the sea swelled, and jumped up, as the waves grew and they could start their ride towards the beach.

I took three films of these artists, and here is one of them. The powerful sound of the sea and the art they performed there give me an urge to return to the beaches of Durban.

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