Friday, November 16, 2007

Sun and summer at Suncoast

Less than 10 minutes walk away from Blue Waters Hotel I found Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World, with a hotel, casino, a large number of restaurants and bars and a few very nice and exclusive shops. The great thing about Suncoast is that it is a guarded area, thus safe to visit the night as well as the day.

I do not know whether it had been constructed in the second half of the 20th century, but the area had definitely a pre second world war feeling to it. Built in an art deco style, you got this Miami South Beach area feeling. Minimalist buildings in pastel green, blue or yellow colours, with front gardens and a walkway between the buildings and the coast. Here you could, for 10 ZAR access a private beach and get sun chairs included in this ridiculous price.

As you entered the mall area, you found yourself in a large food court with fast food restaurants, and an impressive staircase up to a mezzanine with restaurants and bars overlooking the hall.

Further in there were large restaurants on each side. To give you an idea on how it looks like, I have taken these two films. First from the outside:

Then here you have a film from the front hall of the resort area with restaurants and bars. I do not know whether it was to celebrate the coming Christmas but the trunk of the large palm trees were decorated with Christmas tree lights.

I spent much time at the Suncoast, as I discovered relatively few other restaurants along the beach. Suncoast was also, as earlier mentioned, a safer area than elsewhere in the city. And I loved the South Beach feeling.

I enjoyed two delicious meals, had a few good drinks, had some luck in the casino, and made a rather expensive purchase to myself - a gold and diamond ring.

So stay tuned here at Enjoy Food & Travel for more from Suncoast Casino and Entertainment Area.

See the official Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World website here:

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