Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sandwiches at the Seafood Bar

I and my traveling buddy, Ketil Zahl, were hungry as we waited for our plane to Berlin. To satisfy our hunger we went to eat at Seafood Bar at Oslo Airport. And what better to choose than open sandwiches.

I had enough hunger for two large sandwiches and that was I ordered, and what a treat.

One large sandwich with a pile for fresh large prawns, served a generous portion of black roe and half a lemon to squeeze over.

And the second was covered with two large slices of premium smoked salmon served with a delicious traditional mustard sauce, sweet balancing the salty sea taste. Yum!

So not a bad idea for those you going back from Oslo. Avoid Pizza Hut and other fast food stands and go for the good natural ingredients from the pure Norwegian waters.

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