Sunday, November 25, 2007

Porcupine Ridge Merlot 2006

The first evening in Durban I enjoyed a wine with a story attached to it. Named after the South African porcupine and with a long story on its character. I do prefer the wine to the animal.

This wine comes from the Boekenhoutskloof estate dating from 1784 located in the Franschhoek Valley in the Western Cape region - one of the main South African wine areas.

The owners of the estate is known for the Boekenhoutskloof wines as well as the range of wines called Porcupine Ridge.

Porcupine Ridge is a handcrafted range of wines, and carry a label featuring an original pen and ink of the crested porcupine drawn by leading South Africa wildlife artist, Zakkie Eloff. These crested porcupines inhabit the vineyards of the Boekenhoutskloof homestead.

The wine had a wonderful rich character with chocholate, as well as ripe red cherries, and was perfect for the mild and humid night as I admired the lights of Durban. Do you want to see what I saw that night? Here is a short film of Durban that night.

No wonder I loved this wine and this night!!

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