Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A place to eat plaice - Lizards Rock

One dark and humid evening in October, we invited Phumzile and her son out for dinner. We went to the the Lizards Rock, the place to eat fish in Pietermaritzburg according to Jan. Very true, indeed, as this was certainly the place to eat plaice.

As that was what I chose, the most expensive variety of plaice, the sole. I would eat another plate of sole during my vacation, at the Blue Water Hotel in Durban, but this was so much better.

It was served with the most delicious creamed sauce topping, a green salad and a large lemon to squeeze. This was certainly the place of the perfect plaice.

Suddenly there was so much on the table, Phumzile ordered the peri-peri chicken livers, a Portuguese recipe with peri-peri or African Red Devil Peppers, making this into an experience hotter than hell. You can find a recipe on how to make this hotter-than-hell experience here.

My friend Jan would rather taste two different dishes, and I was lucky to sit beside him, as I could sneak a taste or two.

First he was served green shells baked in a white sauce (above), and then he ordered large prawns sin a spicy chili sauce (left).

The first mild and aromatic, the second dish nice and hot - two great contrasts.

For those of you visiting Pietermaritzburg - Lizards Rock is a great place to spend a night with good friends. We did not get the full subtropical feeling that evening in October, as we sat outside during a rainy spring evening, but I can certainly imagine how it be there during a nice South African summer night - in January.


Lizards Rock
51 Warwick Rd, Ferncliffe
Pietermaritzburg 3201

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