Monday, November 05, 2007

Oslo - New culinary discoveries

Sunday, November 4th. Three very tired men leave my flat in order to find a place to get a decent cup of coffee and something to eat. Why tired? As we went to bed at 3 AM, after the annual Halloween party. Well we were heading for the nearby Grønland area of Oslo to satisfy these needs. We returned four hours later, after lunch and lunch.

Coffee at Con Gusto

Con Gusto is the nicest coffee bar in Oslo, or that is what I think. It is located in Torggata, close to where you cross over the Akerselva river entering the Grünerløkka neighborhood.

Con Gusto has this distinct Italian, Mediterranean feel to it. Here you can get pastry, sandwiches, pizzas, and other delicacies, and they serve a delicious breakfast for a little under €10. I chose a focaccia with mozzarella and tomato and a single latte. Whereas the two party lions were not hungry - yet!!

Con Gusto
Osterhaus gate 14A
0183 Oslo

Olivia at Aker Brygge - a taste of Italy

Pretty soon after the point that I had my breakfast, brunch, lunch - whatever, the two guys (my friends Øyvind and Stian) suddenly wanted to eat. Øyvind was still dreaming of a pasta dish he had eaten at a new pasta restaurant - Olivia at Aker Brygge.

Aker Brygge, the old Aker wharf area, is now an exclusive shopping mall and residential area close to the Oslo city Hall, but in spite being a regular, I had not seen this relatively new restaurant before.

Olivia was a great place. The prices for the pasta dishes and pizza under offer, were high. Øyvind paid over €20 for a vegetarian pasta. I decided to have an "Antipasto Misto". Øyvind loved the taste of his pasta with parmeggiano that literally floated in a pool of olive oil. The Antipasto Misto is a great choice for lunch. Parma ham, salami, mozzarella, lettuce, olives, pesto, melon, and artichoke hearts served with the most delicious focaccia bread. Presto - breakfast, brunch, lunch number two - and hey a glass of red wine.

Incidentally this is a place for those of you with coeliac disease or allergies. At Olivia you get pizzas made from gluten free flour and for those allergic to nuts, they guarantee that the dishes have no nuts, unless they positively states that they do.


0250Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 23 11 54 70
Official website

More dim sum at Beijing Palace

You have seen my review of a Taste of China. I am glad to say that I have found a second place where you can indulge in these delicacies.

At six o' clock I and my friend Ketil entered the Beijing Palace, as I had heard that they served Dim Sum. Beijing Palace is a small restaurant (around 40 seats), and has a very discreet and pleasant interior

There were fewer varieties on the menu, than at the Taste of China. As we had our bottle of Singaporean beer (Tiger), we ordered 2 times four varieties. One of the was Xiu Mai (image) steamed pork and shrimp dumplings. Two other dumplings had meat or shrimp fillings and chives, one with peanuts.

The last one was bean curd dumpling with a crisp pork topping, whereas the bean curd underneath was soft. Interesting experience, they were served with black bean sauce.

Beijing Palace is a good alternative to a Taste of China and we got 8 servings, four pints of beer, and two glasses of wine for around €60. A bargain!!


Beijing Palace
Pilestredet 27
0164 Oslo
Phone:+47 22 11 08 00

You find the three restaurants and much more on the Oslo map here

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