Monday, November 12, 2007

More goodness inside!!

I decided to take a dinner by myself, as the others were visiting Phumzile that evening. I was in for another treat - more goodness inside. I have not been fond of English pie, but the stuff served at Aintree Lodge was great!!

Let us face it. Many of you would not have considered this a delicacy, and I have to be honest. The times I have tasted beef and kidney pie, I have found it to be a little much. At Aintree Lodge they served a much better variety - a chicken and mushroom pie, and that was completely different. The pie was submerged in a thick brown gravy, and as you cut into it all the goodness inside appeared in its glory.

Inside the flaky crispy cavity the most delicious, delirious, chicken and mushroom stew appeared. Served with good homemade French fries and a light salad it was a delicious meal.

And the name of the beer made it almost feel like home.

Hansa is the name of the brewery in Bergen, as well, named after the Hanseatic League that controlled much of the trade in this city during Medieval times.

This is a relatively new beer variety brewed by SAB Miller in April 2007. It was a delicious fresh lager perfect for a pub meal.

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