Sunday, November 25, 2007

Klot og duppe

Klot og duppe is a speciality from the Hedemarken area. The main ingredients are, however, variations of the same Norwegian and even European theme. Klot og duppe is potato dumplings, salted and smoked pork and sweet gravy - myssmør.

You should have most of the day to prepare this dish, as most traditional dishes, and here you have no recipe and improvise, if necessary, as indeed Stian did.

Use half and half boiled and raw potato. Grind the potatoes into a smooth pate and add barley flour and salt - no pepper. As Stian was out of barley flour, he substituted this ingredient with ordinary wheat flour. No eggs are, however, necessary as the starch in the potato will make the dumplings stick.

Potato dumplings are found around the coast as well as in the interior of Norway. They are called by different names and are known as klubb, kompe, komle, or raspeballer.

Along the coast the potato dumpling may be filled with salted pork or salted fish, or these ingredients may be served aside as with klot og duppe. Even the other things as sauce and vegetables may vary and are both sweet and savory as, sugar, bacon fat, or myssmør made from the local surost.

Well the potato dumplings went into boiling water and they need up to 30 minutes in order to boil through and then floating up top the surface.

And then the myssmør made from surost, and sweet and slightly bitter - a variation of the Norwegian brunost. The surost is dissolved in water and reduced until it gets a mild sweet taste and a creamy consistency. This was really a labour of love for Stian, as he had to whisk and stir continuously, for the myssmør not to stick in the iron pan.

And then the food was served in the presentation as you see above. An interesting experience between the crispy fried salted pork, the sweet sauce and the mild potato dumpling. Definitely an interesting and good experience.

And if you need your recipe here it is.

Klot og duppe (serves four)

400 grams / 1 lb peeled uncooked potatoes
400 grams / 1 lb peeled boiled potatoes
20 cl / 7 oz barley flour
1 tbsp wheat flour
1 tsp salt

1 tsp salt for each liter of water

Duppe :
30 grams / 1 oz surprim/- ost (here you may use brunost)
ca. 1 1/2 tbsp sugar
15 cl / 5 fluid oz water
3 tbsp butter or fat
1 slice of salted pork

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