Saturday, November 24, 2007

Junk food at News Cafe

I have always loved junk food, and as I was looking for lunch the first day in Durban, I looked for something that could fulfill my craving for just that. At News Cafe located at Suncoast I found just the thing to fulfill my urge. Potato skins with bacon and cheese. Wicked!!

Gastronomically there is an old fashioned notion behind this dish, that is not to let any leftovers go to waste, a sympathetic idea. I do, however, think that those that got the idea of frying potato skin in oil, top them with crispy bacon and cheese, must have been a little crazy, but it works and it tastes great.

As I entered the News Cafe, I found that this dish was a typical example of what they served there, informal and easy going food. I loved my loaded potato skin, being as crunchy, crispy, and junkie as it is supposed to be. The thinly sliced potato skin was topped with equally delicious thinly sliced bacon and melted cheddar cheese floated over the bacon and potatoes as generously as the South African sunshine.

I enjoyed my food on the outside deck of the restaurant, and if you wonder how it looked, here is a small peak through a little film taken from my table.

And what to drink - beer of course, as this is definitely bar food. I ordered one of my favorite brews, Nastro Azzurro originally brewed by Peroni. Once a Roman brand, multi capitalism has now taken over this Italian treat, as it changed hands in 2005 and is now the property of SAB Miller, an English brewing giant.

As I visited Italy in 2000 I found that this light beer provided instant relief for a thirsty traveler wandering through the sizzling hot streets of Siena and Florence in mid July.

And Nastro Azzurro delivered it again, as I got a huge glass of freezing cold, golden brew at News Cafe in Durban.


News Cafe
Sun Coast Casino
Sun Coast Boulevard
Durban, South Africa
Phone: 031 368 7629
Fax: 031 368 7631

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