Friday, November 02, 2007

In Memory of the Dead

Wednesday this week was Halloween. Celebrating this tradition with roots both in Europe and in the Americas, is new in Europe in its current form. If some of you dislike this new tradition, it is important to bear in mind that this is how traditions spread. For many of us, celebrating Christmas with a Christmas tree express our deepest historic traditions, but this tradition goes less than two hundred years back in time. So in a hundred years, celebrating Halloween will have the same deep roots in Norwegian traditions.

I, therefore, embrace this and other new traditions but try to give it my own personal expression. My Halloween is a large party for my friends. This is the day before Halloween, in my book. I have made a vegetable and a salmon mousse, and a chicken roulade is slow roasting in the oven. I expect 16 guests tomorrow, including two of my nephews, and new and old friends. I will present what I made the coming week for you. A buffet for 16. My plans?

Here is what I plan to make
- Two chicken roulades filled with sun dried tomatoes, a strong tomato sauce, and cheese
- Vegetable mousse
- Salmon mousse with sweet chili and saffron
- Pate with onion and mushroom
- Prunes rolled in bacon
- Thin sliced tenderloin of pork with onion and apple stew
- Cannelloni with spinach and cottage cheese topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella
- Onion and tuna salad with chili with crackers

And maybe something more, and two cakes of course.

I look forward to once again to meet my friends and family under such circumstances, and my dream is to celebrate the event at the old house on the south coast. That would be neat. Maybe next year!!

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