Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fluffy Clouds of Mashed Potatoes

Often less is more, and fluffy white clouds of mashed potatoes are more. So easy, so fabulously easy, so good to eat with so much, fish as well as meat, with a tomato casserole as a crust on the top. The best thing is however that mashed potatoes is so good in its own right.

Still you can do so much more. You can mix the mashed potatoes with fresh spring onions, or pesto, or you can whip it into a creamy consistency or use a fork and crush it roughly.

Or you may get more advanced. Mix in some fresh herbs, cheese and an egg or two, place the mashed potatoes in small oven proof dishes and bake them until they are golden brown and crispy.

This was what I served with a succulent duck breast, with sweet caramelized onion, and a thick red wine gravy.

But the white fluffy white cloud of mashed potato above was served with chicken so mouthwateringly tender that the bones just slipped away from the succulent white breast and thighs.

The chicken had been resting for four hours on a low heat on a bed of Brussels sprouts and cauliflowers, and was served with a good brown gravy.

I know that less is more, and I just want more and more mashed potatoes.

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