Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cannelloni - variation over a theme

I have already shown you one recipe of cannelloni, with lamb ragout topped with a bechamel sauce. When I visited my friends Øyvind and Stian at Stav, Østre at Løten, I made another cannelloni - actually my favourite - with a ricotta and parmeggiano filling, and a tomato and red wine topping. That was serious yummie!! Due to some ingredients that were out of stock in our supermarket, we had to improvise, but the results was delicious!!

As we went to the supermarket at Hamar, I discovered that they did not have ricotta cheese, the Italian low fat cheese used in this recipe. I decided to buy 2 boxes cottage cheese (500 grams / or a little under 1 lb). I mixed this with steamed spinach leaves into a brightly green cream. Then I added some parmeggiano cheese, salt, pepper, and do try a little nutmeg. Delicioso!!

Then we made a good ragù, and we used 400 grams / 1 lb ground lean beef, and added a glass of good red wine.

The supermarket was also out of cannelloni tubes, so even here we had to improvise, with success, if I may say.

We bought a packet of lasagna sheets, boiled them lightly, and folded them around the cheese and spinach mix, and placed them in a greased oven proof dish. Topped it with sliced mozzarella, grated parmeggiano, and butter.

And it was heaven, the bright red sauce, the green and white cheese mix reflected the colours of the Italian flag!! Viva Italia!!

And Italian wine - a Masi Campofiorin Vendemmia 2004. Campofiorin is a vineyard in Valgatara close Marano di Valpolicella in Veneto

This wine is a blend of corvina, rodinella, and molinara grapes. Lightly sweet, with aromas of dark berries, well balanced with fine tannins.

And what a great wine to the succulent and tasty cannelloni.

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