Saturday, November 24, 2007


Bruschetta is one of the easiest and maybe best treats I know. As I sat down in my favourite kitchen at Stav Østre at Løten we were craving for a nibble, and bruschetta fell into mind.

We had bought an Italian ciabatta bread with black olives, perfect for this dish. With four ingredients we made two varieties and lifted them both into bruschetta heaven with one last secret ingredient.

We cut the ciabatta into thin slices in order for them to absorb the oils and crisp easily.

Bruschetta with red pesto and gorgonzola

Red pesto is easily made from olive oil, parmeggiano, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes. It has this wonderful taste of Italian summer. For this bruschetta you may easily settle for one of the many red pesto varieties that are easily available in your local supermarket.

Spread the red pesto on the thinly sliced ciabatta, and top it with a generous amount of creamy gorgonzola cheese - rrrrrrrrr!!

Bruschetta with pesto genovese and parmeggiano

My friend Øyvind makes the most wicked pesto genovese, from leaves from two large basil bushes, pine nuts, salt, parmeggiano, and good olive oil. It has the most incredible colour and the most amazing taste, and the good thing is that it is easily stored in the refrigerator for at least a couple of weeks.

As Øyvind had made a new batch of this wonderful stuff, we spread the pesto genovese on the ciabatta, added thinly sliced parmeggiano cheese and allowed to bake in the oven until cheese was melting.

And the secret ingredient?

I had bought a small bottle of olive oil infused by white truffles. As the bruschetta was taken out of the oven, we added the truffle oil. That made all the difference. The bruschetta went from delicious to delovely - delightful!

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